Launching Day

Dear Ecofrenlier,

Thank you for being a part of taking care of mother nature on this “EARTH DAY”

By using soap/shampoo bar, you’re reducing waste that plastic bottles ended up on the landfill and in the ocean. I hope by starting this new habit, you will continue to keep our earth clean and help Ecofrenli’s pledge in reducing waste and replacing plastic packaging with plant-based material commercially.

Based on research, harmful chemicals from our daily essentials product have been found accumulated in our body, based on the blood test on a recurring cancer patient. So, perhaps we should start choosing ‘cleaner’ choice for our daily regime to keep our health in check. Don’t you think?

Inside this box you will find organic Artisan soap bar, shampoo bar (in cute round shape), wooden tray for your soap bar (in case you don’t have one). Packed in certified wooden box because we don’t want you to throw anything away, perhaps you can reuse. To top it off, the gift is also wrapped in Cassava Bag, a compostable natural material that could help safe for our earth.

We also added 2 pieces of dried Okra fibre that can be used as a sponge to clean your body or the dishes. It’s highly compostable and again, help reducing the waste we made by replacing 2 pieces of plastic sponges every month, that’s 240 pieces in 10 years times 8 billion people. That’s a lot of sponges ended up in the landfield, isn’t it? Oh remember…before using it, dip it in hot water for half an hour to soften it.

Just in case you’re wondering what’s your soap and shampoo bar are made of,  we’ll share you a bit of our secret ingredients directly from the artisan:


Made out of organic green tea herbs, this soap bar will give you a kick of antioxidant to keep your skin fresh. Green tea leaf combined with french clay to absorb extra body grease and a bit of scrub to exfoliate dead skin. We always use olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, lye to make it bubbly and distilled water in all our ingredients with cold-pressed process to keep the natural ingredients. No SLS, no chemical, no Palm oil.

I hope you’ll enjoy all the good things nature always provides us. So to keep your promise to #lesswaste we give you gift card in a form of code: Earthday2020, where you can get 20% off for all soap/shampoo bars on our website, for the entire year! We really hope that you will keep going on what you’ve started today.

Please post your review on your social media during #EarthDay, 22nd April 2020. Where we’d like to start #EARTHDAY #LESSWASTE movement to get more people to take good care of our mother nature. Don’t forget to tag us too @ecofrenli!

Green regards