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"I'm Handmade" Mahony Wood Cooking Spatula

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Stirring, mixing, scooping, or tossing salads, leaving your pots and pans scratch-free! Wood іs the ideal ecofriendly material to make sure not to scratch or damage your expensive cookware!

This Food Grade spatula are made from high-quality 100% solid Mahony wood that will not deform easily and is highly heat resistant,  much more durable than Bamboo and will last for years. Dishwasher safe. 

"I'm Handmade" is hand crafted by Artisan in Indonesia. Your purchase will support their family standard of living in village.

Total Length: 36.5 cm (12") 

How to clean: Easily clean the wooden cooking set by handwashing with mild detergent and let it dry naturally or simply put in the Dishwasher. Apply olive oil once awhile for maintenance.