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Outdoor Foldable Stainless Cup {3 pcs)

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Do you enjoy outdoor activities like Camping? So many things to pack and so little space that you have left in your backpack? If so, this stainless travel stainless is the perfect drinking cup for you. This Fold-able Cup is just as small as your compass when unused.

This Portable Drinking Cup is suitable for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, mountaineering and traveling

It helps you drink if thirsty or take medication anywhere. The convenient cover allows it to double as a medication storage container. The lid of the cup can also be used as a somewhat smaller cup if you desire.

✔Stainless steel material, it won't be broken, safe and healthy, durable and easy to clean.

✔Collapsible design, save space and convenient for travels taking, creative and practical.

Easy to use: remove top cover and then extend the cup to its full height. rotate and tighten. try to hold the top half of the cup when using it. it comes with a lobster clip which can clip it on your belt loop, backpack for easy carry.

Capacity 8.4oz (250ml)