About Us

Shop with Carbon Footprints FREE. Every purchase you made will plant 10 trees in Indonesia Rainforest area. That’s equal to 480 pounds of CO2 (carbon dioxide) absorbant year by year.

As Indonesia woman-led Impact Startup who committed to save the environment by replacing the use of commercial plastic packaging with sustainable innovation providing healthier choice and environmental friendly value, Ecofrenli provide the biggest range of personal and commercial eco-friendly packaging solution

Using plant-based material and working with scientists as our resources in replacement of Petroleum (PET) material, that easily compostable within short period of time. Therefore help reduce harmful waste, and maintain living quality of all beings, human and also animals habitat on land and in the sea.

In doing our mission we support Indonesia craftmanship and traditional heritage, extending their Handmade product further to the global market

Working with women-community on upcycling plastic-waste project not only helping reduce plastic into new products, but helping them supports their family is important for us

By supporting us, you are taking part of the journey to help reduce damage that we’ve done and help mother nature return to its origin. Because saving the earth is in the hand of all of us