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One of the key players that leave the most plastic waste are the commercial market. PET and toxic materials are used in packaging to serve the customers. This is where we provide solutions by replacing it with plant based materials where look exactly like plastics, function as well, but made out of natural organic materials that has been approved by European certification. Therefore it will leave less toxic when thrown on land or the ocean compare to PETROLEUM (PET) based packaging.

the usual paper cup that you drink might look harmless, but the inner lining is mostly made out of PET, therefore still containing harmful micro plastic. Our paper cup is lined with plant based materials that not only safe for your health but also for the environment.

we are also replacing plastic cling wrap and styrofoam with safe food grade plant based material that is game changer in running commercial business.

Our paper bag is made out of left over printing industry, therefore it is not perfect but it is functional and serve your needs well. By buying this product, you are helping to reducing paper waste and not cutting more trees in the the production process.

All our commercials products are sources directly from manufacturers to serve your high quantity needs and price competitiveness. Bulk orders price, stock availability, and Heavy-weight shipping are available upon request

Keep in mind, your choice is what will ended up on our earth