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Smelltheperfume works together with local fisherman in collecting fishnets and give it another chance to be once again useful. Training women who live in Bantar Gebang Bekasi, one of the biggest landfill near Jakarta, they upcycle unused fishnets and creates baeautiful reusable bags while giving the woman extra income to feed their family

Kreskros repurpose plastic bags waste to new products that you can use daily. They introduce their knitting process to create bags, created by women in their surrounding area to upgrade their quality of life. By purchasing their products, you’re not only helping reduce plastic waste that ended up as micro plastic in our land and water, but you are also doing good deeds to help people in needs

Sleeping Culture creates only plant-based dyed fabric. Their easy lounge wear will accompany your 'stay at home' perfectly. 

Lanivatti creates timeless collection so not only you need to buy less clothing, but you will have high quality, long lasting clothing sets in your closet. Their Tencel fabric produced from certified wood leave no toxic waste to the earth when it’s no longer serve its use