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Daily Care Set Package - For Men (Save 30%)

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Men Daily Care Set Package

Men skin type is different compare to the ladies. They have thicker skin, bigger pores therefore tend to sweat more. This essentials will definitely give him deeper cleaning and Toxic-Free products that he can use on daily basis. In this package he will get:

1x Shampoo Bar - Tea tree oil, 1x Vegan Shave Bar, 1x Activated Charcoal Unscented Soap bar. FREE Gift box and Greeting Card. Safely packed with Compostable plant-based packaging.

Shampoo Bar - Tea tree oil, A wonderfully creamy natural shampoo made with cold pressed tea tree essential oil. Suitable for normal to oily hair (70 gram).

3 in 1 Vegan Shave, Shampoo, Conditioner Bar, This Eco-friendly Sulfate-free surfactants Shaving Cream, Shampoo, Conditioning Bar (3 in 1) bar lathers up into great shaving cream for face, head, legs etc. Skin-friendly, conditioning, and moisturizing with super silky result comes with reusable aluminium tin for zero waste lifestyle (75gr).

Activated Charcoal Unscented Soap bar, A great deep cleansing natural body and complexion soap made with activated charcoal. Charcoal absorb dirt and debris from pores leaving skin clean, soft and smooth. This unscented soap bar is suitable for you with fragrance-allergic skin, Normal to Oily skin, Skin with Pimples (100 gram). color and shape might be inconsistent due to the natural hand-made process

This set package will save you 30% off compare to purchase bought separately.