Eco Compostable Packaging (no sealer)-100 pcs -
Eco Compostable Packaging (no sealer)-100 pcs -
Eco Compostable Packaging (no sealer)-100 pcs -

Eco Compostable Packaging (no sealer)-100 pcs

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This bag is made from plant based material, 100% compostable with 6 months biodegradable period with suitable environment. It is an alternative to traditional plastic bag. Suitable for any of your commerical packaging needs. The ink for the printing logo is made out of soy based, 0% heavy metal. The bag will get soften and break easily if it has direct contact with normal temperature water and could dissolve completely in hot temperature water above 90 C. If the bags ended up in landfill, river or ocean it will cause no harm to any living beings. The shelf life is up to 2 years if stored in its original-sealed protective packing. Once the packing is opened, the shelf life of the bags shortens to months (less than 3 months) when stored in ideal storage condition.  Bag is slightly transparant.

You will need separate sealing, using low heating sealer machine, paper sticker or compostable tape to seal the package. Compostable paper tape is available on purchase.

As we distribute directly from manufacturer, price above is applicable for 100 pcs. Size variation is available. Custom logo&sizes are available with minimum order. Size reference: 

Small: Width 20cm x Height 30cm. Thickness 40 micron. Capacity:1-2 kg

Medium: Width25cm x Height 40cm. Thickness 40 micron. Capacity: up to 3 kg

Large: Width 35cm x Height 45 cm. Thickness 40 micron. Capacity: up tp 5 kg

Note: For custom logo, there is extra 1x charge for cylinder printing to print the logo. Bulk order and Economic Shipping cost (heavy weight) is available upon request.