Mahony Solid Wood Drinking Cup -

Mahony Solid Wood Drinking Cup

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This natural wooden cup is made from natural materials including its 100% non-toxic coating and safe for food/liquids use.

Can be used as teacup , coffee cup or any kind of hot or cold drink, even for certain cold desserts.

Perfect gift for families and friends and also good wood art decoration, combines the old-time style with modern innovation!

How to clean: Simply wash with warm water and air dry, do not use strong washing liquid, do not store wooden cup near the heating devices or leave them in the sun , the wood dries up and later cracks may appear , keeping wooden cup is in the locker or any other dry place. Do not leave wooden cup in a container with water for a long time , wipe them dry with a towel after each time you wash them.

Size: D= 9cm (3.5") / H= 6.5cm (2.6") / W= 15cm (6") Include handle.