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  • Charcoal-mint Natural Toothpaste, Activated charcoal is the main ingredient in fluoride-free toning toothpastes. Natural teeth whitening charcoal which can reduce the signs of tooth change and help maintain oral health by balancing natural bacteria in the mouth. The natural formula also contains kakadu plum extract which is high in vitamin C for gum health.
  • Herbal Blend Natural Toothpaste, With its refreshing mint and herbal taste, this fluoride-free toothpaste effectively cleans teeth and helps protect against cavities and gum disease. The formula contains alkaline minerals that help fight bacteria, kakadu plum extract which gives extra vitamin C to the gums and betel leaf oil for naturally fresher breath.
  • Cinna-mint Natural Toothpaste, Enriched with cinnamon, peppermint leaves and tea tree leaf oil, Cinna-mint Natural Toothpaste is effective in cleaning teeth and treating gums. Calcium glycerophosphate provides a rich mineral base and helps make teeth stronger and cavity-free, while cinnamon oil helps fight bacteria and acts as a light particle to protect sensitive teeth from aching.
  • 3 in 1 Natural Toothpaste Mini Collection, This package contains three toothpastes measuring 40 grams each, making it easy and practical to travel with. Bring this toothpaste on board to keep your breath fresh during your trip. Available variants include Cinna-mint, Charcoal-mint and Herbal Blend Natural Toothpaste. 

Key ingredients: Calcium glycerophosphate, helps neutralize acids and strengthens tooth enamel. 

size : 40gr & 120gr

Switching to one of these recyclable alum packaging toothpaste is probably the easiest step you can take toward a cleaner beauty routine!