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Outdoor Set Package

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Do you enjoy outdoor activities like Camping? this outdoor set package is the perfect bundling for an adventurous person that suitable for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, mountaineering and traveling.

This is also the "Best Gifts" for Outdoor Lovers if you aren't all that outdoorsy yourself. This is the perfect choice for getting an epic gift for your outdoorsy dad, brother, partner, or even co-worker

In this package you will get: 1x stainless lunch box, 1x 2 in 1 soap bars, 1x soap bar net, 1x foldable stainless glass

  • 1x stainless lunch box, It comes with Stainless cover and removable food divider and non-spilled rubber on the side . BPA Free.
  • 1x 2 in 1 soap bars, When you want to live minimalist or travel far, you’d like to pack light & easy. This 2 in 1 Clothing & Dishes Soap bar is the only thing you need. Each bar is made naturally with organic soap nuts. It lathers well and clean all pans and plates squeaky clean. Combine it with brushes for easy kitchen cleaning. You can also use the soap bar to hand wash your clothing easily. Contain no Toxic / harsh chemicals for safe water waste and easy for your hands (weight: 70 gram)
  • 1x soap bar net, a Sisal soap bag / pouch designed to keep the soap bar dry by hanging it anywhere. Comes with a drawstring loop making it easy to hang dry. 
  • 1x foldable stainless glass, It helps you drink if thirsty or take medication anywhere. The convenient cover allows it to double as a medication storage container. The lid of the cup can also be used as a somewhat smaller cup if you desire. Easy to use: remove top cover and then extend the cup to its full height. rotate and tighten. try to hold the top half of the cup when using it. it comes with a lobster clip which can clip it on your belt loop, backpack for easy carry.