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Women Daily-Care Starter Set (8pcs)

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Everybody loves a surprise gift, especially when that gift is a care package full of goodies and thoughtful gifts. Comes with FREE Cards (upon request)

In this package you will get: 1x vegan soap bars, 1x shampoo bars, 3x Random Bamboo Reusable Menstrual Pads, 3x Random Reusable Face Pads Cleaner

  • Vegan soap bars, This vegan soap comes with "Beach Sunset" theme to relax your mind while showering. Its natural vegan ingredients won't dry out your skin or causing any skin irritation as all of the ingredients are gentle and skin safe (80 gram)
  • Shampoo Bar - Lavender & Coconut Milk, made with cold pressed organic coconut milk, rich in antioxidants, combined with fresh, floral scent of lavender that has a calming effect on the body and can even be used to treat stress, depression and anxiety. The Coconut milk will also help avoid thinning hair by reduce hair loss (70 gram/Suitable for all hair types)
  • Crochet Reusable Face Pads Cleaner This hand-crocheted face pads is handmade by women community and perfect to replace your disposable cotton pads. Its textures give a gentle exfoliate on your skin naturally.  So you can clean your skin better without pulling your skin too hard to remove make up. Easy washing with the rest of your laundry; they tumble dry well and do not shrink or shrivel in the dryer. Colors are given based on the availability
  • Bamboo Reusable Menstrual Pads, this foldable reusable menstrual Bamboo pads are so easy to keep and keep you even when you travel/commute. Just fold it and lock it with the snap button. Suitable for Medium flow for Normal days. Length: 24cm. Width (include wing) 19cm. Pad Width: 8cm. 1-2 cm difference might occur. Pattern/colors are randomly pick