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Crystal Body Deodorant

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100% natural ingredient | 0% plastic packaging | 0% chemical added

This Crystal Body Deodorant. Comes with no packaging at all! Beside lasting for a really long time. That’s a big saving for you and your family! And the good thing don’t have to throw any packaging waste for your entire life! That’s hundreds of them for your entire life.

Made of 100% natural mineral salt. Known to antimicrobial properties. there’s no chemical added in the making process. No artificial fragrance, and completely odor-less.

content: 1pc

How to use:

Apply right after shower. pour abit of water if it’s dry before you apply it and notice how odorless your armpits for hours! Rough edge can be smoothen with soft-knock on hard surface. Store in any dry container. Reapplying is needed after sport activities, clean the area with water and soap before re-use it.